Your Safety

Your Safety Comes First

Some of the precautions that you can expect from ourselves when we visit your home.

We will use our own transport and fill up cars at petrol stations using gloves and/or a paper towel.

We will ask you to have the windows and doors open in the property for our visit.

We will use hand sanitisers before entering your home and when leaving.

We will wear face covering and gloves while in your property.

Where possible we will use knuckles rather than fingers to touch light switches and other contact points.

We will advise you to wipe down door handles/handrails/lift controls or other 'touch points', especially in the kitchen and bathroom after our visit.

We will declare COVID-19 symptoms and postpone any meetings, always adhering to government and public health guidance (PHG).

We will ask all present to declare any COVID-19 symptoms and adhere to government public health guidelines.

We will advise you to ideally wash hands before and after someone has visited and keep to social distancing measures always.

For your information please refer to Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance - (